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Lickables Starter Pack

Lickables Starter Pack

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Lick their way to better health

Dogs LOVE licking. Kayode's lickables combine the benefits of supplementation with your dog's natural urge to use licking as a calming activity.

  • Mix with water

    Mix Lickable powder with water, adding more or less to find your dog's favorite consitency

  • Spread on lick mat or enrichment toy

    Use on lick mat or other enrichment toy that encourages licking and mental stimulation

  • Or add to dog's bowl mixed or dry

    Or add as a tasty addition to your dog's food. If you're short of time, add dry powder over food.


How are lickables different from other powder supplements?

Most powder supplements contain active ingredients, some flavoring and fillers to take up space.

Lickables includes active ingredients and a functional base that expand and creates a sticky gelatin when mixed with water. The intention is to improve lick time and texture for your dog.

Do I have to use a lick mat?

Lickables can go on a lick mat, on/in an enrichment toy, on top of dog food, or spread on a dog bowl.

How much water do I use?

We recommend 1 tbs per 1 scoop of powder. Youll find the longer you mix, the stickier the paste becomes, so add more or less water to find your dog's favorite consistency.

How many calories does a scoop have?

Each scoop has about 14 calories. That's 80% less calories per tbs compared to peanut butter.