Bring dog owners more joy through health and enrichment

Do you have a business that serves dogs and their parents? We’d love to partner up and provide you with natural consumable products that help your customer’s improve their dog’s health and daily experience.

Make health a treat, not a chore

Dogs have similar needs from joint support to digestion help. Our philosophy is when it comes to nutrients, the more the better. We're making formulas that are either novel, or with a unique spin. Perfect to peak interest and stand out.

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  • Doggie Greens

    The first dog supergreens chew.

  • Lickable Supplements

    The first supplements available that create a paste to go with lick mats, enrichment toys, or in dog dogs.

  • Ultimate Digestion + Stress

    The first digestive supplement to account for stress-induced digestion issues

  • Activity & Recovery

    The first joint supplement to go beyond just joint and help with muscle recovery.

We're a small business dedicated to serving the next generation of dog parents

Dog parents want the best for their pups, but they don't want to wade through hours of online research and are skeptical of big box brands. They want natural products that work in formats that are enjoyable for them and their dog.

  • Results customers will come back for

    We made these right - no heat, no water and packed with science-backed ingredients. Our reviews boast about the results and dogs love the flavors too.

  • Formulated by nutritionists, not vets

    Many brands pay vets to "approve" their products. Our were formulated by certified Animal Nutritionist and a science team for efficacy, taste, and safety.

  • Looks good on shelves and in kitchens

    Modern, minimal labeling your customers will be proud to have in their home

  • Partner with small business

    We're a small Colorado brand and pride ourselves on helping partners and providing excellent support.